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step-by-step guide: how to do a science fair project

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Daniel R.’s First Narrative Post

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Frankenstein Copied My Homework


Daniel R.

           At school I tried to do my homework. Then my best friend Frankenstein asked me if he can copy my homework. But then my homework ran off my desk and went with Frank.  He took it and started copying it.

            The next day Frank didn’t return my homework because he lost it. Then in class the teacher gave me detention because I had nothing to return.

             Two weeks have past and Frankenstein still is copying and I am still getting detention over and over again.

             The first time he copied my homework I was angry. The second time he copied I was super mad! The last time he copied I was FURIOUS and I couldn’t take it any more and I had to tell Mrs. Jaffe and I did. Now he is getting detention and he also got a citation and now, no one copies my homework. 





Daniel R., Alin, & Monseraths’ Literature Circle Presentation

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Eilee and Esperanzas’ Literature Circle Presentation

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Melissa M.’s First Narrative Post

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The Truth


Melissa M.


            One day I was a school with my friend Alin. She asked me to let her copy my homework. It was the second time she wanted me to let her copy my multiplying two-digit mathematics homework. I asked her, “What did you do with yours?” she answered “I was cleaning out my backpack last night and the homework entered the trash can and I can’t find it in the trash can anymore.” I thought about it for a minute… all of a sudden the bell rang. It was time to go back to class so I went to class “Okay everybody, time to turn in your homework.” said Mrs. Jaffe. Alin panicked. She didn’t know what to do so she told Mrs. Jaffe “I left my homework at home” I knew she was lying but she needed to learn through her mistakes. I was being a good friend to her.

             The next day she asked me if I would let her copy my homework again. I told her that she needed to tell the truth to Mrs. Jaffe. Since I told her that she didn’t want to be my friend anymore. She thought I was trying to be mean to her.

             When morning came I got dressed for school. Before I did anything at school I went to Mrs. Jaffe’s room. I told her what had happened to Alin.  That day as soon as I went to math class we had a little quiz on multiplication. Mrs. Jaffe called Alin and me to her desk. I told her that Alin didn’t want to be my friend because I didn’t let her copy my homework.  Mrs. Jaffe said, “Why didn’t you tell me that you lost your homework instead of going all crazy on your friend here?” since Alin told the truth Mrs. Jaffe made her a new copy of the homework.

             After that Alin and I were best friends. Ever since that day happened Alin and I got closer then we ever have. Now we’ve been friends for about a year.

             Thanks to that day we have been great friends.


Melissa V.’s First Narrative Post

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Homework Beast


Melissa V.


           One sunny morning I was playing outside the school. Just then Christina came up to me during recess and told me “Can I mimic your homework” I said “No because that is cheating” She kept bothering saying, “Please! Please! Melissa.”

           Suddenly, I went inside the classroom and talked to Mrs. Jaffe about it.

            After that, she went and talked to Christina and told her “Why did you want to imitate Melissa’s homework? Christina said  “It is because I forgot to do my homework last night.” “You just had to tell me about it” said Mrs. Jaffe.

           I told Christina, “Why didn’t you have faith? You weren’t going to get in trouble!”

           Finally we went outside and forgot everything that happened. We played nicely and happily.


Daniel S. & Jasons’ Literature Circle Presentation

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Othon’s First Narrative Post

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Homework on the Run

by Othon

         One sunny day, I was going to Elementary School in Indio.             As all the students got off the bulky, yellow, and black bus my friend Shawn came running towards me. He had told me that he forgot to do his homework! Shawn had always turned in his homework. Seriously, I couldn’t believe it! We knew each other for a long time, even he couldn’t remember the last time he didn’t turn in his homework because there was no last time! Someone else heard us talking because more and more students heard about Shawn not bringing his homework they were in great shock!

        Then suddenly someone talked to me, I didn’t know who it was. It was only Shawn. He said, “Can I copy your homework.” I said “No” “ Please Othon” “ No!” After a few minutes I said to myself it would probably be best if I went to talk to Mr. S, the teacher. And that is what I did. He was about to leave the classroom but I reached him before he left. “Mr. S wait up” “Yes Othon “ I need to talk to you.” “ What’s wrong?” “Shawn asked me if he could duplicate my homework.” “He what? No student in my class has ever done that. I’ll talk to him tomorrow.” “Okay.”

         Finally, Shawn and Mr. S had their discussion. The office staff had called him through the loud speakers, “ Shawn P. please report to Mr. S’s room.” He got to his room. “Shawn, Othon had told me that you asked him if you could copy his homework. “ No I didn’t” “ Shawn please tell me the truth.” “ Okay, I did ask him if I imitate his homework.” “ Why didn’t you do it?” but Shawn was just standing there bobbing all over the place “ Shawn!” “ Okay, I was playing and I forgot to do my homework.” “ Please step out of the classroom.”

        The next day after lunch, Shawn told me “Thank you”. I asked why he said that after I told on him. He told me he said thank you for being a good friend and probably next time he should do his homework before going to play outside.


Alin, Daniel R., & Monseraths’ Literature Circle Presentation

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